Making Nut Milk

Thanks to the wonders of our new nut milk bag my oldest son has now progressed to making the almond milk for me each week. Using a cheesecloth was such a drag and a messy operation too. Hooray for nut milk bags!

At $7.95 per bag they might seem expensive but we would go through several packages of cheesecloth a month so we are saving money actually. To clean I just flip it inside out and rinse well under hot water and I hang it to air dry.

Making Almond Milk

nut milk jar

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  1. Lisa Smith

    June 10, 2009

    This looks fabulous! How do you make it after soaking and dehydrating our crunchy almonds?

  2. Elements for Life

    July 1, 2009

    that is so awesome!! nice job 10 year old son! Our daughter loves cereal, so this comes in handy for the raw children.

  3. What can i do with the left over almond pulp from making the milk?

  4. I a raw newbie. How long is it good for?

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