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Asian Pears

asian pear

My oldest son (8) has decided he wants to try one new fruit each week. I am not sure where he got the idea but it sounds good to me. Today he picked his first… a big, orangey colored, Asian pear. It was ridiculously priced of course at $3.08. But the verdict was good. He shared a small bit with me and his two siblings and we all liked it. It was IMO a very firm pear with tough skin. It smelled kinda woodsy and it is VERY sweet… like candy sweet. While it was tasty I am not sure if we will be buying more…maybe if they are on sale. Until that time regular pears will do just fine.

Next up he says he wants to try a Plumello. In a few weeks I might make a trip to the Asian market to get him a Durian….that would be an adventure for him. ;)

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