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Food Matters DVD

Check out my lengthy review of Food Matters on my other blog.

One scary statistic is that since our food travels 1500-2000 miles to reach us and it is already a week old when it hits stores so we are lucky if we get 40% of the original nutritional content from that food. The food is probably already being grown in unhealthy, depleted soil to begin with. Add to that the herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs, etc…all the crap that is put in our food or done to it as it grows and we have a SERIOUS problem….a perfect recipe for sickness. A recipe that is profitable. It may not have gotten its start as something malicious but the fact that it continues to go on is IMO.

I highly recommend this video documentary!

What Can Raw Do For You?

I wanted to share one of my favorite raw food videos from one of my fave raw gurus, Markus Rothkranz. He and this video are so passionate and fun. Yes a little over the top but you can see just how passionate he is about the power of raw food. In this video you see some interviews and you hear some of the reasons why raw is the way to go and you get to see a really hot guy jumping around in leather pants. It doesn’t get much better than that. I watch this video whenever I need a raw boost or motivator. ;)