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Tonya Kay and Lets Talk Raw

This week I joined the Let’s Talk Raw community. Essentially it is paid talk tonya kayradio. I paid the lifetime fee and then I will have access to the teleseminars, webinars, and recordings they do about raw food. Last night there was an interview with Tonya Kay. I had no idea who she was but I listened in this morning and it was a great show!

Tonya Kay is a professional dancer, actress, fire spinner, knife thrower, etc. She is basically a really talented and gorgeous raw athlete. She has to be my age or older and yet she looks like she is no older than 21.

Because she travels so much… 2 years with Stomp … she is an expert in staying raw while traveling. She was also diagnosed years ago as a bipolar, manic depressive and she went all raw and off meds. Her story was wonderful and the listeners got one of her ebooks for FREE.

Don’t miss out. Join Let’s Talk Raw and listen in on all future shows.

Raw Foodies Arrested for Trafficking Chocolate

Thanks to Mike Adams over at Natural News for bringing this story to light. A Canadian couple was arrested, interogated for hours and had their infant daughter taken from them after drug sniffing dogs sniffed out raw chocolate they had in their bags. After a long ordeal they were cleared of all crimes but were given no apology and no reimbursement for horrendous legal fees.

Then they were arrested AGAIN in the US while trying to attend the Raw Spirit Festival in Arizona even after they declared ahead of time that they would be transporting raw chocolate to the festival. They were grilled for hours about the “weird things” they had in the suitcase: Sea salt. Zeolites. Essential oils. Hemp seeds. Probiotics. Raw cacao nibs. Authorities basically acted as though REAL foods were bizarre and criminal. They wanted to see recognizable food labels like Snickers or Hershey.

I love this quote:

At one point, one of the police officers screamed at Ron, saying, “If you wanted chocolate, why didn’t you just buy a Snickers bar!” The proper answer to that question, of course, is so far beyond the intellect of typical law enforcement personnel that I won’t even bother explaining it here. To these cops, Burger King is fine cuisine, candy bars are superfoods and hashish is anything that looks brown and unusual.

Scary stuff folks!