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Love Affair With Thai Coconut Sugar

When I first started eating more raw foods I was using Agave Nectar in many of my raw desserts. That was all the rage at the time. Now of course many raw foodies have reconsidered this sweetener and decided that it is not the healthy sweetener we once were lead to believe. I went back to my old standby… honey. I missed agave though!

But a few weeks back I decided to try a newish sweetener I had never heard of before… Thai Coconut Sugar or crystallized coconut sap sugar. I ordered a 3 pound tub from Raw Food World and quickly dug in. This stuff is heaven on earth! It is so yummy that you can eat it straight out of the tub with a spoon… just as good as chocolate. It can take the place of sugar and any recipe where you may have been using honey or agave. I imagine you can use it in recipes that call for white sugar too, I am just not sure of the ratio. I look forward to playing with it!

This morning I just slathered some on fresh pink grapefruit and it was yummy. In my house growing up we had grapefruit all the time but my mom would sprinkle Equal packets on each half. When I got older and realized what I bad idea Equal was, I went without grapefruit. I didn’t like them with honey and obviously table sugar was out. My husband uses coconut sugar is his coffee with great success. It melts beautifully and acts much coconut oil/butter in that regard. We keep it in the fridge to extend its life.

This sugar is made from the sap of unopened Coconut blossoms. It is not palm sugar! It is thickened under controlled heat to avoid over cooking which would affect the nutrients and acidity. It contains only 12 % sugars, and has a nutritional content far beyond all other available sweeteners; it is high in Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron, it is a natural source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C and amino acids (specially glutamic acid). Extremely low glycemic (35!). All I can say is YUM!

Doesn’t it look like ooey gooey caramel????

Raw Birthday Cake

Better than cake… try a birthday watermelon! It was delicious and it would make a great first raw birthday cake.

Next year I might cut a thick slice and frost it with a macadamia nut/cashew frosting and top with blueberries.

Peach and Almond OJ Smoothie

peach smoothie

Perfect for summer and oh so yummy!

What You Need:


1 C fresh juiced orange juice

1 C frozen peaches

1 frozen banana, cut into small chunks

2 TBSP soaked and dehydrated almonds


How to Make It: 

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

For a little different taste, use pineapple juice in place of the orange juice.

Raw Raspberry Spinach Sorbet

Raw Rasberry and Spinach Ice Cream

Just made this delicious dessert tonight. It was really good, the kids and I gobbled it right up! I call it a sorbet since it was sweet with a hint of sour, like a sorbet but it has almond milk so many would call that an ice cream I guess. Anyway… it is a great way to get even more greens into the diet!

Raw Vegan Raspberry and Spinach Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

1 C baby spinach

2 C frozen, organic raspberries

1 cup almond milk

2-3 squirts sweetener , like raw agave or honey. I used agave.

Put the spinach on the bottom of the blender so it gets pulverized well. Mix all ingredients together until thick and creamy. Serve immediately as soft serve or stick in the freezer for a harder consistency.

Made this in my Vita-Mix in under 5 minutes from start to finish!

Hemp Milk Shakes

I made hemp milk for the first time today and made a chocolate shake. I thought is was pretty tasty, although not something that will be calling to me in the middle of the night. I did just throw some stuff together though so I will be looking for more shake recipes that include hemp milk. My hubby said it had a Lima bean after taste but overall thought it wasn’t bad either. My eight year old son loved it and downed a full glass and then had seconds.

Ironically it did leave my tummy feeling a little funny like I was about to get a stomach ache and it got my bowls moving. It felt for a bit like I just drank conventional cow’s milk…which I am allergic to but the feeling went away after a few minutes. Not sure what that means.

I mixed a cup of hemp seeds with two cups water, about 2 tablespoons of cacao powder, 4 dates, and a squirt of agave nectar. Oh and a dash of vanilla. Got any ideas for me on how to make a tastier hemp shake?

Hemp Milk Shake

Recipes for Raw Kids

Eating raw definitely presents challenges. I think that applies double for eating raw with kids because they just haven’t developed a taste for many of the things adults like and eat. Kids can be picky. However, getting kids eating raw early will not only help them nutritionally it will also allow them to develop a taste for foods in their natural state. Conventional, processed foods with chemical sweeteners and nasty preservatives kind of destroy their palate IMO. After a few years of candy bars a slice of watermelon is less than exciting. Kids need to get on the raw food bandwagon early!

So I am delighted to share a product with parents that will no doubt help in this regard. The Recipes for Raw Kids Un-Cookbook! It has nearly 90 pages of information and and recipes for raw kids including no cook pizza, lemon cookies, Persimmon Pudding, Carrot-Jicama Nori Rolls, and Celery Soup!

It also has a list of tips to help your kids appreciate and EAT raw foods. Check it out:

Raw Kids Recipes Book

Ready for Apples?!

Who doesn’t love to eat apples? Some are tangy, some are sour, some are sweet but they are alwaysKids love apples! delicious! Snagging a fresh one off the tree is a divine and healthy treat. And we are just coming into apple season. There is an orchard near me that my kids call the apple barn. Every year we go to an apple festival and pick fresh apples, go on a hayride through the orchard, and the kids ride ponies. We can’t wait to go again this year.

Did you know you could eat a different apple every day for more than 19 years, and never eat the same kind twice?! There are more than 7,500 different varieties.

The scientific name for the apple is Malus domestica. The apple is a fall fruit. In spring, flowers begin to spring forth on the trees. They are white and pink with five petals. Eventually the petals fall off so the apples can begin to grow.


The fruit is picked in the fall as they ripen and you don’t need an orchard to enjoy a fresh picked apple. One tree will yield enough apples for a single family to eat and share. We hope to plant one soon.


The apple tree did not originate in Asia. It is believed that apple trees predate other fruit trees. Biblical people picture the forbidden fruit as an apple. Early wild apples were small and didn’t taste very good. The Romans learned to turn this “wild child” into a civilized type that people could eat. The results were varieties similar to what we eat today. They were sweet and had white flesh that was tasty.


Alexander the Great is credited with introducing the Grecian society to dwarf apples. On one of his campaigns into Asia Minor, he brought back these trees. Apples were viewed as special treats. No we are told to eat one a day to keep the doctor away.


Colonists brought the apple to America when they first settled here. They couldn’t bring trees on the long sea voyage from England so they carried seeds instead. The seeds were planted and flourished as apple seeds.


The most memorable story of apple cultivation is that of Johnny Appleseed. He is kind of an American folk hero. He made it his life’s work to bring the beauty and taste of the apple to people all across America. Wherever he went, he taught people how to grow apple trees and tend their own orchards. Thanks to him, the industry grew.


Apples and Pears are in season so why not make some apple-pear fruit leathers!


How to Make Apple-Pear Fruit Leathers:


Sort, wash, pare and core apples and pears. Cut the fruit into slices or chunks that can be puréed or ground easily and use a food processor or blender to puree. Spread out thinly on teflex non-stick dehydrator sheets and dehydrate for 6-8 hours. Remove teflex sheets and flip fruit leather over and continue dehydrating until desired moisture is obtained.


These fruit leathers are an excellent snack for children and adults alike and are much better for you than a candy bar!



Watermelon Cakes

I made some yummy watermelon cakes yesterday and I plan to make them again for the 4th of July. They received rave reviews from the whole family…in fact my 7 year old insists that the same frosting be used to make his birthday cake next month. When I make these for the 4th though I am going to use bigger blueberries. I only had small frozen ones.

Here is a pic:

Watermelon Cakes


  • 1 Watermelon, cut into squares
  • 2 cups Cashews, soaked for two hours
  • 1 cup Agave
  • Vanilla, to taste
  • Water, to taste
  • Blueberries


Place cashews, agave, and vanilla in food processor and process. Add water slowly, little by little to achieve a smoothe frosting-like consistency. Place on a ziplock bag and cut a small section of the bottom corner. Use this as your frosting instrument. Squeeze frosting on each watermelon, then top with a blueberry! You can also include little flags on each one for decoration and serving purposes. Or, shape them all into a flag shape for a lovely, festive presentation! Enjoy!

Source recipe