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August 01, 2011 | More from Raw Info, Raw Recipes

Love Affair With Thai Coconut Sugar

When I first started eating more raw foods I was using Agave Nectar in many of my raw desserts. That was all the rage at the time. Now of course many raw … more

August 12, 2010 | More from Raw Recipes

Raw Birthday Cake

Better than cake… try a birthday watermelon! It was delicious and it would make a great first raw birthday cake. Next year I might cut a thick slice and frost it with … more

July 06, 2010 | More from Raw Recipes

Raw Vegan Summer Treats

Check out my other blog for a recipe for raw vegan Mojito Raspberry Paletas!

July 03, 2009 | More from Raw Recipes

Peach and Almond OJ Smoothie

Perfect for summer and oh so yummy! What You Need:   1 C fresh juiced orange juice 1 C frozen peaches 1 frozen banana, cut into small chunks 2 TBSP soaked and dehydrated almonds … more