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Why Meat Consumption Is Bad for Your Health

Why You Might Want to Say Goodbye to Animal Products Cow


Animal products can be just as toxic to the body as the chemicals you use to clean your home. You body will fast become a breeding ground for disease, illness, and other ailments if animal products is a huge part of its existence. There are many reasons why animal products should be something you say goodbye too.


In order for the environment in our bodies to stay in a state where it will defend against sickness it must be kept in proper acid/alkaline balance Animal products are highly acidic creating the perfect invitation for the body to become diseased.  The high level of acid in the body is the main cause of many stomach-pain related problems, and the growth of cancerous and toxic cells grow in an acidic environment. 


Another huge problem is that animal products are loaded with animal fat. This fat enters our bodies and clogs arteries and blocks passageways.  Animal fat is known to be the cause of cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure. Once animal products are removed from the diet high blood pressure, and cholesterol are usually lowered and most type 2 diabetics can stop using insulin.


The myth that we need animal products for protein is just that – a myth. What needs to be considered more than the quantity of protein is the source. Animal sources provide much more protein than is necessary and promote the growth of cancerous cells in high amounts. The body does need protein but sufficient amounts can be found in a balanced raw vegan diet. The quality of animal does not matter either. The fact is that a free-range organic chicken is still just as dangerous and not recommended to consume.


Food that comes from animals usualy cannot be consumed without cooking. This makes the food “dead” in essence. The body thrives in an environment that has been feed live foods with enzymes that the body needs to break down the food in the body. The result of not being properly broken down is food staying in the lining of our bowels and petrifying. In-other-words the food literally rots in your system release toxicity into the body slowly killing it overtime.


You will not find fiber in animal products. That means that it stay right in the body causing stomach pain, odor problems, and many other colon and digestive problems. On-the-other-hand fiber in raw food such as fruits and veggies help push the waste through and out the body.


The main idea here to provide knowledge about the dangers of animal products and why you may want to consider eliminating them from your diet. That does not mean you have to stop consuming them. On-the-contrary, if you feel that you need them in your diet then by all means enjoy. However consider the facts shared here and think about consuming less or none at all because the real truth is that they are just not good for your body.