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What You Can Expect From the Raw Food Weight Loss Plan

There are thousands of weight loss plans out there and most of them claim to help you lose the pounds easily and effortlessly. But, to lose weight effectively and have no lasting repercussions, including gaining the weight back, you have to choose a plan that you can stick with for the rest of your life.

Other diet plans include pre-packaged foods delivered right to your door, books that tout various ways to lose weight and infomercials containing glowing testimonials. They work if you follow the plan religiously, but when the pre-packaged food begins to taste like cardboard, low carb food isn’t appetizing anymore and you begin to suspect those celebrity testimonials were contrived – it’s time to look at a lasting and nutritious diet plan that you can live with.

The great thing about the raw food weight loss plan is that you can take it as far as you want to. Raw foods let you eat as much as you want and need to satisfy cravings and hunger as long as you stay within the realm of raw, rather than cooked foods.

For example, not everyone can stomach the thought of eating raw fish (sashimi) or raw meats such as steak tartar. But, you may enjoy the thought of eating all the raw fruit and veggies you want and include sprouted breads, bagels and tortilla wraps in that menu.

There’s a wide variety of foods and drinks that you can consume when you choose the raw food weight loss diet plan to get rid of those extra pounds. Some ice creams, nuts, smoothies, juices, cookies and even alcoholic drinks are included in the raw food weight loss diet plan.

You should eat foods that have an alkalizing benefit and provide your body with a pH alkaline to fight fat – and raw foods contain that advantage. pH test strips can be purchased if you want to test your alkaline level. There are many varieties of nuts and seeds that fit the profile of being highly acidic and if your acidic level drops, you can pop a mouthful of them to raise it.

When you choose the raw food weight loss plan, you should try to buy organic foods whenever possible. You’ll know that they contain more nutrients and minerals that other foods don’t have — and, are much better for you.

You can find dozens of raw food menus and recipes online or in books. You may want to consider joining a forum or blog devoted to raw foodism so that you can communicate with others who are using raw foods as a way to lose weight and get healthier.

You’ll be amazed at how delicious the foods on the raw food weight loss diet plan can be – and after all, if it doesn’t taste good, the chances that you’ll continue with the plan and keep the weight off are miniscule.

The Raw Food Revolution Diet

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How to Get Enough Calories on the Raw Food Diet

A calorie is nothing more than a way to measure energy. So many of us think of calories as the “enemy” in our diets that we forget we need to get a certain amount of calories each day in order to function. When you’re eating a raw food diet, you’ll be cutting out most of the high-calorie items that you’ve been eating, like fats, meats and processed foods and instead eating lots of vegetables.

However, although vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrients, they don’t have a lot of calories. The starchy vegetables that do have higher calories – like potatoes, corn or peas – aren’t very tasty uncooked. That’s while you’ll find that in order to get sufficient calories each day, you’ll be turning to fruits, which are rich in sugar and fat.

Fat is often blamed for everything that’s wrong with our diets these days. Many people seem to think that by eating all low-fat (or even no-fat!) food, that they’ll be able to lose weight. While it’s certainly a good idea to cut down on bad fats, the fact is that fat is a necessary to our bodies – we need it to survive. The important thing is that you eat fats that are healthy for you.

You see, too much of the wrong kinds of fat and you end up with arteries that are clogged, leading to heart attack and stroke. That’s one of the great benefits of the raw food diet. By eating raw fruits and vegetables, you can be sure to eat healthy fats that won’t clog your arteries.

Sugar also gets a bad rap in our Western diets. But the problem isn’t sugar itself; it’s the highly processed forms that we use, like white sugar and corn syrups. The natural sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables are more easily broken down by our bodies. Additionally, the sugars are “packaged” with lots of vitamins and minerals, so you aren’t consuming empty calories.

Fruit will be the bulk of your sugar and fat intake when you’re on a raw food diet. Avocados and nuts are high calorie and provide good, heart-healthy fats. Fat is important for a variety of your body’s biological processes, but it’s also important because it makes you feel full. Adding a small portion of nuts or seeds to a salad with a little bit of avocado can make the salad much more filling and prevent feelings of hunger. Other fruits like bananas and mangoes are also high calorie and full of vitamins that your body needs.

It’s important that you not overdo it with the fatty fruits like avocado and coconut. Fat should be limited to about fifteen percent of you calorie intake. Another five to ten percent will come from vegetables. That means the bulk of your calories will come from other fruits. The combination of fruits, vegetables and nuts or seeds will ensure that you get the vitamins and minerals that you need while increasing your energy level.

Raw Food Weight Loss

Most of us were raised eating plenty of cooked foods. We ate boxed processed foods, fast foods, foodsRaw Food Weight Loss with preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Overtime that sort of eating wears on our body and causes many conditions. One of the conditions that come from overeating and consuming the wrong foods is being overweight.

This is an epidemic that is taking its toll on society. There is a crisis and many just don’t know what to do. I feel that an answer can be found in raw foods or becoming a full fledged raw foodie.

Raw foods help to promote weight loss and maintain a healthy weight if done using the proper techniques. That means eating well balanced meals that will provide your body with all you need to reach your best possible health peak.

A diet high in raw foods, especially fruits and vegetables help to promote weight loss for a number of reasons. They are low in unhealthy fat, low in calories, high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and raw foods help you to eliminate waste quickly. They also aid in weight loss because they help reduce cravings for sweets, keeps your energy steady so that you don’t overeat from because you are too hungry or become tired because you are eating too many dead foods.

When you eat foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories, you will lose excess fat at a more rapid rate.

By incorporating more raw foods into your diet you will be able to exercise more effectively, think more clearly about what you putting in your body, and have a mental state of mind that will help you know that your health is important.

Eating more raw foods actually turns on your body’s metabolism at the cellular level and regulates hormones that help to control appetite so that you don’t eat what your body does not need. You are able to digest the foods better, allowing your hunger to decrease as well as the cravings for the bad food that packed on all the unwanted weight. Without all the toxic chemicals in your body that existed when you consumed high far processed foods, your body is able to rid the waste and stop holding on to unwanted fat cells that accumulate over time, causing weight gain.

It has been stated in many farming magazine that if you want a cow or pig to gain weight you feed them more cooked foods. It you want them thin give them more live raw foods. When you think about that fact it really makes you think that maybe we are doing this cooked food thing all wrong. The real way to release unwanted pounds is not through the fat-free, sugar-free, low calorie foods that permeate the food industry. Even people on that type of diet are encouraged to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. If you really want to drop the weight, pick up a raw carrot or two and start eating.

Need more convincing? Let me introduce you to 3 raw food weight loss SUPERSTARS!

Angela Stokes – This is the gal that actually introduced me to the concept of raw foods. Before that time I had only heard of it in passing but Angela’s warmth and her experiences with raw foods sucked me right in. Oddly enough the one other person who really inspired me other than Angela was a raw foodie named Matt Monarch and I later found out that these two wereraw weight loss book engaged. Anyway Angela lost over 150 pounds on the raw diet!

She also has a raw food weight loss plan with recipes, workouts, advice, and video tutorials that can be purchased called the RevitaLive Plan.

Philip McCluskey is another inspiring raw foodist. He reached 400 pounds and was ready to get a gastric bypass after trying just about every diet and trick out there. He went 100% raw vegan and has now lost almost 200 pounds!!!

Britanie Faith – This lovely young woman lost about 70 pounds with raw food and started modeling.