Raw Food Kitchen Equipment and Supplies

If you want to be successful on your raw food diet it is important to have a well stocked kitchen in terms of raw food supplies and raw food kitchen equipment. Being prepared, having the right tools and ingredients can be essential to sticking to the raw food lifestyle. Some essential raw food supplies to have are:

Excellent Knives – As a raw foodist you’ll need to cut up a lot of fruits and veggies. With good knives you won’t accidentally cut yourself or give up opening that delicious coconut or pineapple for lunch. Ceramic knives are a particular favorite among raw foodies.

Powerful Juicer – You’ll need a powerful juicer. There are many different brands of juicers that you can buy in many price ranges. If all you can afford is one of the lower end electric juicers at first, that is okay but you’ll never regret investing in one of the powerful raw food juicers that are available. Many time raw newbies will start out with a good blender first and then work their way up to a juicer later. This is okay too.

Dehydrator – While there is some controversy over eating dried food, if you sprout your ingredients first, you can make some wonderful dried “breads” and “crackers” to enjoy with your healthy and delicious raw salsa. Small and super restaurant quality dehydrators are available.

High Speed Blender – Having a very powerful high speed blender is very important for allowing you to create nutritious and palate pleasing smoothies. Like the juicers these come in a variety of price ranges and abilities. Choose the most powerful one you can afford. In this case, do remember that you get what you pay for. The Vita Mix is one of the most sought after high speed blenders that raw foodist use. In addition, it has a long warranty and can make a smoothie out of almost anything. A Blendtec is another good option.

Food Processor – A good slicer/food processor is an excellent addition to your raw food kitchen because it will make the process of preparing food faster, more pleasant, and even tasty because you won’t tire out during chopping time. Many different brands, motor speeds, and functions exist among different types of food processors, so choose carefully to make sure it will do what you hope it will.

Fresh Raw Foods – The other important raw food supply that you should have is, of course, plenty of raw fresh foods on hand such as fresh fruit, fresh veggies, raw nuts, and more. Read all your labels to make sure something is really “raw” if it does not say raw it probably isn’t. When it comes to fresh produce, choose, as much as possible, organic grown over conventionally grown produce.

All About Juice Diets

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for the health, but did you know that juice diets can be even better for you? No, really. Juice diets are a fast way to cleanse the body and give it a big push of healthy nutrients. They are one of the primary ways to flush the toxins out of your body. Juice diets can also help jumpstart your metabolism and improve your long term diet. Fruit and vegetable juices are rich in nutrients but low in calories so you can drink a lot of them and get a big boost. This is why a juice diet can help you lose weight while providing all the nutrition that your body requires.

Juice fasting is a type of detox diet where a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices. If you’re determined to lose weight but don’t know where to start, a cleansing juice diet is a great way to kickstart a new and healthier lifestyle.

People undergo a detoxifying process for a number of reasons. You may identify with some of them.  It may be because of some specific health condition, to decrease body weight, or to restore the body’s system. Juice diets involve fresh fruits and vegetables for a short period of time or if enjoyed, may be incorporated in your everyday diet. Organically grown ingredients are best for detoxifying the body.

One of the biggest benefits of juice diets is the enhancement of your health. If a juicing diet is new to you, it’s best to begin slowly. Start with only one or two ounces per session. Once your body adjusts to the diet, gradually increase the amount. For an effective juice diet, aim for 12-16 or even up to 32 ounces per session.

Juice diets are very “in” these days. This diet is praised for its health benefits. If you are planning to start one today, do your research first before taking the plunge. This will ensure that your juice diet will be fitted to your lifestyle.

Benefits of Juice Diets

If you are not yet convinced about the importance of juice diets, perhaps the following benefits will help get you started on this healthy lifestyle:

Elimination of dangerous toxins inside the body is the primary function of a juice diet. It cleanses your body and detoxifies the liver to make your skin glow and make you look good. Vegetable and fruit juices are the easiest form of food for the body to digest. Juice is a very powerful aid for detoxifying and healing the body.

It can reduce people’s addiction to nicotine or alcohol. Through fruit and vegetable juicing, you can lose up to 2 or 3 pounds per day. Of course, it is not healthy to lose 2-3 pounds each and every day. But it is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss plan.

The effectiveness of a process depends on how disciplined you are. You must be strict in your regimen to get the best results. Juice diets are an effective way to lose weight and have a healthy and beautiful body.

Raw Star Recipes

I interviewed Bryan Au of Raw in Ten Minutes and the new Raw Star Recipes over on my other blog today. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

I have more than 100+ recipes to choose from and anything or everything that you already enjoy I have a raw organic cuisine recipe or version of it that is fresher, faster, healthier and even more amazing! My goal is to make Raw Organic Cuisine the Main Food Trend in 2011 – Bryan Au

Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing Apples

I could go on and on about the benefits of juicing. I just love juicing. It is such an easy way to get your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes.

Frankly, I’m surprised more people aren’t juicing.

Juicing information is easy to find and you can easily create your own delicious juicing recipes. Just throw anything into your juicer and see how it tastes.

Phew, that last sentence brought back some old memories. I remember when I tried to juice a whole onion just to see what would happen. I forced myself to drink it.

I learned that my gag reflex was working very well as I was drinking down that “delicious” onion juice.

After I drank the whole thing I of course felt a feeling of great pride and accomplishment. My stomach did feel a bit odd though with a mild burning sensation, but other than that it was just another experiment in my life.

I don’t remember if it was before or after the onion experiment that I decided to juice oranges and throw in a whole garlic. Suffice it to say that it wasn’t a big hit and I’ve never done it again. If you’re going to juice garlic then stick to one clove or two. It’s strong stuff!

Why Should You Juice?

The juicing health benefits are too good to pass up on. There is something called juice feasting. It’s when you live on juice alone (it’s possible!) for months and months at a time. People that juice feast lose weight, look healthier and their wellbeing skyrockets.

The longest I’ve been on a liquid juice diet is about a week and I felt great afterwards. Ideally you want to be in a warm climate when you do this. I’ve tried to do it here in Sweden during the winter, but it is much more fun during the summer when you can enjoy some sunshine.

How Can You Juice?

The how is easy, although you want to make sure that you get a good juicer. Many cheap juicers have blades that spin so fast that they destroy the nutrients of your fruits and vegetables.

I personally have been juicing with an Omega 8005 for almost 3 years now and I have been very satisfied. It doesn’t damage and it is easy to clean. It also works great with leafy greens and wheatgrass.

There are many other juicers out there like the Champion, Jack Lalanne and they are probably all good in their own way, but I recommend the Omega 8005 because that is what I have been using and that is what I will continue using unless someone is really good at convincing me otherwise.

When Should You Juice?

Juicing can be done at any time. You can drink juice between meals, with meals or after meals. It doesn’t matter. However you do it, you will get the full benefits of juicing.

However, some say that you shouldn’t drink juice with acidic foods such as meat, eggs, and dairy because it can confuse your stomach.

Your stomach uses different stomach acids to digest different foods, so if you’ve just eaten say, meat for example, you could wait for awhile before drinking your super healthy fruit juice OR you could just drink your juice one hour before you eat.

Freshly-squeezed raw juices are digested extremely fast by the body so drinking before a meal can be a good choice. I myself am a bit sporadic and like to drink whenever I feel like it. There are no rules and it is better that you drink your juice than get sick of it because of all of the rules. Rules are made to be broken… when your health is at stake ;)

Juicing and Pregnancy

I’m surprised that juicing and pregnancy even gets brought up. Juicing during your pregnancy is extremely healthy. Try to juice organic, fresh produce, it is even better.

I am not a doctor. I am just sharing the information that I have found. I highly recommend you do your own research and form your own opinion.

The general consensus seems to be that juicing is extremely healthy for everyone, even pregnant women, when it is mixed with a healthy diet.

That’s all I have for you on the benefits of juicing. I hope you enjoyed the article, and I hope you take action and make yourself a delicious juice right now!

Ingela Johansson is in love with all things natural, especially natural skin care. If you want to find more articles written by her, visit her blog, where she covers topics ranging from the best natural anti aging tips to how to cure acne.

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