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Raw Food Kitchen Equipment and Supplies

If you want to be successful on your raw food diet it is important to have a well stocked kitchen in terms of raw food supplies and raw food kitchen equipment. Being prepared, having the right tools and ingredients can be essential to sticking to the raw food lifestyle. Some essential raw food supplies to have are:

Excellent Knives – As a raw foodist you’ll need to cut up a lot of fruits and veggies. With good knives you won’t accidentally cut yourself or give up opening that delicious coconut or pineapple for lunch. Ceramic knives are a particular favorite among raw foodies.

Powerful Juicer – You’ll need a powerful juicer. There are many different brands of juicers that you can buy in many price ranges. If all you can afford is one of the lower end electric juicers at first, that is okay but you’ll never regret investing in one of the powerful raw food juicers that are available. Many time raw newbies will start out with a good blender first and then work their way up to a juicer later. This is okay too.

Dehydrator – While there is some controversy over eating dried food, if you sprout your ingredients first, you can make some wonderful dried “breads” and “crackers” to enjoy with your healthy and delicious raw salsa. Small and super restaurant quality dehydrators are available.

High Speed Blender – Having a very powerful high speed blender is very important for allowing you to create nutritious and palate pleasing smoothies. Like the juicers these come in a variety of price ranges and abilities. Choose the most powerful one you can afford. In this case, do remember that you get what you pay for. The Vita Mix is one of the most sought after high speed blenders that raw foodist use. In addition, it has a long warranty and can make a smoothie out of almost anything. A Blendtec is another good option.

Food Processor – A good slicer/food processor is an excellent addition to your raw food kitchen because it will make the process of preparing food faster, more pleasant, and even tasty because you won’t tire out during chopping time. Many different brands, motor speeds, and functions exist among different types of food processors, so choose carefully to make sure it will do what you hope it will.

Fresh Raw Foods – The other important raw food supply that you should have is, of course, plenty of raw fresh foods on hand such as fresh fruit, fresh veggies, raw nuts, and more. Read all your labels to make sure something is really “raw” if it does not say raw it probably isn’t. When it comes to fresh produce, choose, as much as possible, organic grown over conventionally grown produce.

I am in Love With My Blender

No seriously…I am in love with it. Behold the object of my adoration…the Vita-Mix! I got this beauty about a year and a half ago from my parents. It was a “sorry you got cancer but now you need to heal” kinda gift. I have used this blender nearly every day since, sometimes 3-4 times a day.

The Vita-Mix is a regular blender on speed, a food processor, sorbet maker, wheat grinder, and so much more all encased in one spectacular package. It blends food at speeds up 240 MPH! They can be ordered online or purchased directly at store demonstrations throughout the country. Mine was purchased at Costco. It comes with a 64-ounce jar, 2 killer recipe books, an instructional DVD, and a manual.

The recipes books have hundreds of recipes for soups, salsas, ice cream, smoothies, dips, nut butters, and hundreds of other things. This machine is so good at blending smoothly you can put fruits and veggies in their whole form into this blender and mix it up smooth…aka leave the greens on your carrots and the seeds in your apple.

The Vita-Mix has a seven year warranty and I know one gal who has had hers for 11 years! The quality can’t be beat…I think this thing would chew through a wood block. I know many large smoothie chains use the Vita-Mix too.

I use mine every single day in some capacity. I have made hundreds of smoothies, sorbet, ice cream, soups, salsa, tomato sauce, cobbler, key lime pie filling, frosting, almond milk, Popsicle filling, and even pie crust. I don’t think I could survive without it at this point! I have found that I don’t even need a food processor anymore either. In fact I use my Vita-Mix so much that is rarely gets put away because I always need it for something! So it usually sits on my kitchen counter, right next to my dehydrator.

I don’t use mine for grinding my own wheat and flour but it can used for that too…you just might need the dry container that you can purchase separately.

The Vita-Mix is a must for any raw foodie. If you want to buy directly from Vitamix.com use code 06-002324 for free standard shipping!