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Raw Food Kitchen Equipment and Supplies

If you want to be successful on your raw food diet it is important to have a well stocked kitchen in terms of raw food supplies and raw food kitchen equipment. Being prepared, having the right tools and ingredients can be essential to sticking to the raw food lifestyle. Some essential raw food supplies to have are:

Excellent Knives – As a raw foodist you’ll need to cut up a lot of fruits and veggies. With good knives you won’t accidentally cut yourself or give up opening that delicious coconut or pineapple for lunch. Ceramic knives are a particular favorite among raw foodies.

Powerful Juicer – You’ll need a powerful juicer. There are many different brands of juicers that you can buy in many price ranges. If all you can afford is one of the lower end electric juicers at first, that is okay but you’ll never regret investing in one of the powerful raw food juicers that are available. Many time raw newbies will start out with a good blender first and then work their way up to a juicer later. This is okay too.

Dehydrator – While there is some controversy over eating dried food, if you sprout your ingredients first, you can make some wonderful dried “breads” and “crackers” to enjoy with your healthy and delicious raw salsa. Small and super restaurant quality dehydrators are available.

High Speed Blender – Having a very powerful high speed blender is very important for allowing you to create nutritious and palate pleasing smoothies. Like the juicers these come in a variety of price ranges and abilities. Choose the most powerful one you can afford. In this case, do remember that you get what you pay for. The Vita Mix is one of the most sought after high speed blenders that raw foodist use. In addition, it has a long warranty and can make a smoothie out of almost anything. A Blendtec is another good option.

Food Processor – A good slicer/food processor is an excellent addition to your raw food kitchen because it will make the process of preparing food faster, more pleasant, and even tasty because you won’t tire out during chopping time. Many different brands, motor speeds, and functions exist among different types of food processors, so choose carefully to make sure it will do what you hope it will.

Fresh Raw Foods – The other important raw food supply that you should have is, of course, plenty of raw fresh foods on hand such as fresh fruit, fresh veggies, raw nuts, and more. Read all your labels to make sure something is really “raw” if it does not say raw it probably isn’t. When it comes to fresh produce, choose, as much as possible, organic grown over conventionally grown produce.

21 Raw Questions

I have seen a few of my favorite raw food bloggers doing these 21 raw questions so I thought I would give it a whirl…

1. Favorite Raw Vegan milk? Almond Milk… we drink it straight up, put it in cereal, and add it to fruit to make ice cream, and of course we make yummy smoothies, usually banana chocolate with Amazing Grass Powder.

2. What are the top 3 recipes you are planning to make? Hmmm… this summer I am looking forward to raspberry and blackberry sorbet, watermelon smoothies, and fruit salad. We like to keep it simple.

3. Most disastrous recipe/meal failure? The first time I made raw key lime pie it came out lumpy and REALLY sour because I just peeled some key limes and threw them in the blender. The next time I just juiced regular limes instead.

4. How do you organize your recipes? I keep them on my computer in text files, or bookmarked from web sites… it is not a very good system and I need to figure something else out.

5. Compost, trash, or garbage disposal? Compost definitely. We throw everything in a bowl on the kitchen counter and when it gets full we toss it into the compost pile in our back yard.

6. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 foods…what would they be? Strawberries, watermelon, and snow peas. Delicious!

7. Fondest food memory from your childhood? Probably my mom’s prime rib. I LOVED prime rib with a passion. Pretty sad that my fondest food memory is of eating a dead cow.

8. Favorite raw ice cream? Raspberry Lime Sorbet. I have always loved sweet and sour.

9. Most loved kitchen appliance? My Vita-Mix… life would be incomplete without it!

10. Spice/herb you can’t be without? Cilantro! I spent over 20 years in the Southwest so Mexican food is soul food to me and salsa with tons of cilantro is the heart if it.

11. Recipe (Cook) book you have owned for the longest time? Joy of Cooking. My Mom gave it to me but I don’t ever use it.

12. Favorite flavor of jam/jelly? Not crazy about jams and jellies generally but Blackberry would probably be the most appealing.

13. Favorite raw (vegan) recipe to serve to an omni-friend? A green smoothie because when people drink their greens and enjoy it, it is like Christmas.

15. Name 3 items in your freezer without looking. Almonds, Walnuts, and hemp seeds.

16. Favorite grocery store? Whole Foods.

17. Food blog you read the most.Yikes, that is like asking which tooth I brush the most.. I read TONS of foods blogs!

18. What is one ingredient that you’ve become familiar with that you can’t imagine you ever lived without? Chia seeds.

19. Most coveted condiment? Shoyu sauce.

20. Best food smell? Garlic.

21. Best cooked food memory that you’d like to re-create raw? Clam Chowder. I could substitute oyster mushrooms for the clams but that is as far as I have gotten in my planning, lol.

Play along by answering the 21 Raw Questions on your own blog!

Raw Raspberry Spinach Sorbet

Raw Rasberry and Spinach Ice Cream

Just made this delicious dessert tonight. It was really good, the kids and I gobbled it right up! I call it a sorbet since it was sweet with a hint of sour, like a sorbet but it has almond milk so many would call that an ice cream I guess. Anyway… it is a great way to get even more greens into the diet!

Raw Vegan Raspberry and Spinach Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

1 C baby spinach

2 C frozen, organic raspberries

1 cup almond milk

2-3 squirts sweetener , like raw agave or honey. I used agave.

Put the spinach on the bottom of the blender so it gets pulverized well. Mix all ingredients together until thick and creamy. Serve immediately as soft serve or stick in the freezer for a harder consistency.

Made this in my Vita-Mix in under 5 minutes from start to finish!

Essential Equipment for a Raw Foods Kitchen

When you make the decision to go raw or at least to incorporate more raw foods into your diet you may want to buy some special equipment to make things easier. After all, cooks need good pots and pans…going raw doesn’t mean you won’t need food prep items…they are just different is all. You may already have some of these…others you might not have heard of. If you are on a budget it may be easier to use what you have for now and save for the bigger items because I will be recommending what I consider to be the absolute BEST and sometimes they aren’t cheap. SO here we go:

The Vita-Mix- A raw food eater needs a good blender. The Vita-Mix is the Cadillac of blenders with blades that rotate at 240 MPH. This baby could chew through wood blocks and it has a 7 year warranty…I know one gal that has had hers for 11 years! It is great for making green smoothies, soups, ice cream, fillings for pies and other raw dishes, and for making your own nut butters and nut milks. I would be lost without mine. Read my more detailed review here. If you want to buy directly from Vitamix.com use code 06-002324 for free standard shipping!

If you just can’t afford a Vita-Mix I have heard that some raw foodies use the Magic Bullet for small jobs.

A Food Processor – If you have a Vita-Mix (above) feel free to skip this appliance as the VM does the job a food processor would do but I will admit that for small jobs it would be nice to have a food processor just the same. I like this KitchenAid one.

A Juicer – I admit that I do not have a juicer. I prefer to keep the pulp/fiber intact and drink green smootheis instead of green juices but for quick healing and for juice feasting/fasting a juicer is a necessity. If I found out my cancer had returned I would buy one up in a heartbeat. I have a few potentials on my list including the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite and the Omega Juicer Model 8005. A big favorite among raw foodies is the Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor.

DehydratorA Dehydrator- This is essential for drying fruits and nuts. Nuts often need to be soaked first and in their raw state they are sort of chewy…drying them makes them easier to eat. Fruit can be dried and stored for winter time eating and everyday snacking. You can also make rawesome cookies, crackers, and sweet potato chips with a dehydrator. I recommend the Excalibur. I have the 5 tray model.

Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer – This make is easy to cut veggies into thin spirals for pseudo pasta or super thin dipping pieces. It is vital for making sweet potato chips.

Sprouting Jars – Lots of raw foodies eat sprouts…although they are not my favorite…but I do try! If you want to make your own then you will need sprouting jars. The store bought sprouts are kind of pricey.

Wheat Grass Growing Kit- You may be able to use stuff you have laying around the house but for a newbie this kit is handy. You will also need a good juicer (see above) to juice wheatgrass..it is pretty hardy.

Cutting boards – You will need nice cutting boards for cutting your fruits and veggies! I recommend Bamboo.

So what is essential for YOUR raw food kitchen?